Are you frustrated with all the information out there?  Do you feel fitness and fat loss has become overcomplicated and oversaturated with info?  Are you ready to learn how simple it actually is?  You may think you are confined to the body you are living in right now.  Not exactly.  At Team Genetx our motto is this: You aren't stuck with your genetics. Science is on the brink of discovering that the mind is what dictates whether certain genes can be switched on and switched off. This is why one person can manifest cancer, and another will not, when they share identical genetics.


With the right mindset and cellular environment you can actually defy your genetics. If you change your beliefs, become persistent, and use the right data, you will completely change your physique.  You can build muscle.  You can get a toned body.  And our no-nonsense, holistic approach will shift both your body and mind to achieve the results you want.

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