About us


Our team began in a small community outside of Vancouver BC in 2006. Young bodybuilders Graham and brother Richy Chan formed a community of fitness minded and health oriented people. Some were bodybuilders who entered local competitions and others were simply interested in bettering their bodies or getting in great shape. Over the next 5 years the community grew and as the number of fitness enthusiasts increased, so did the team.
Team Genetx officially spawned in the summer of 2012 as the fitness lifestyle exploded around the world. Are you looking at a healthy modern and holistic approach to your health? Do you want the perfect body and a vibrant health? It is possible to have both.
Our services are designed to give you the knowledge and the tools to take back control of your body. Choose from packages designed to transform you from frumpy to fit, to joining an elite competitor team that spans the entire globe. The choice is yours.
Team Genetx includes a progressive system based on years of trial and error partnered up with the latest information in the health and wellness community. Using a mix of old school bodybuilding and new school science, our bodyfat management techniques will simplify your life, and create lasting and manageable lifestyles. Are you ready to change your life?