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Maxximus Training Gear

MAXX Training Gear is inspired by fitness, design, and our love of art. Founded in Vancouver, BC, we are providing high quality fabrics and goods to our customers. With the simple goal of providing a premium product, we offer an original style and one of a kind items. Maxx Training Gear is built to with stand the most gruelling workouts or a night on the town. Here is where the Maxximus family and sponsors share their thoughts and their experiences regarding health, nutrition supplements and training. Make sure to stay up to date with our athletes and their advice on getting active and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. WWW.MAXXTRAININGGEAR.COM


Magnum® Nutraceuticals is dedicated to integrity in producing the highest quality sports nutrition supplements. Magnum® commissions only CGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices), Site Licensed (Pharmaceutical) Manufacturing Facilities to produce our highly advanced, quality formulas. These facilities are Government audited for quality assurance and label claims. Through this, our clients can be guaranteed that every ingredient used is Pharmaceutical Grade and our formulas will be far more effective in a much shorter period of time. Magnum®goes this extra distance to provide the absolute highest quality ingredients possible for every formula and to instill confidence in our clients that Magnum® is the brand to trust. Magnum® Nutraceuticals has been in business since January 2005 and can now be found in over 40 different countries internationally. Magnum® carries a full line of sports nutrition products in a variety of sizes and flavors and there is sure to be something for everyone whether you are looking to increase strength, build lean muscle, shed a few pounds, increase testosterone, or simply looking to improve your overall health. Better Ingredients, Better Results.® WWW.HARDMAGNUM.COM

Cutting Edge Nutrition

Cutting Edge Nutrition was founded in 2005 in a community just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Two bodybuilding brothers had a vision to open up a premium supplement store. The concept behind their shop was simple: To carry and provide the most progressive supplements on the market, and offer the most elite fitness information service in the community. While most similar businesses have come and gone, Cutting Edge Nutrition has lived up to it's name. Constantly innovating, the business has established itself a cult following. The staff is highly trained and always in fantastic shape. Co-founder Richy Chan is an accomplished heavyweight champion bodybuilder with a history in running, karate and rep hockey. Graham Chan also played rep hockey until graduating from the University of BC in 2004. Shortly after graduation he became a personal trainer and eventually a fitness and wellness coach. Both brothers compete at a national level in bodybuilding and are on the road to the IFBB ranks. Cutting Edge Nutrition offers over 100 lines of supplements and vitamins. The store has been known as an athlete's meeting ground and a source of high level advice on getting in shape and building muscle. If you're in the greater Vancouver area, be sure to drop by Cutting Edge Nutrition and meet the awesome staff. A few visits and you will walk out with all the advice and great supplement deals you will need to change your life.