Posing Coach and Personal Trainer

Cassie Faris is an experienced bikini posing coach. She has competed in the CBBF Nationals and is a well known fitness model, and musician from Vancouver, BC. She has been involved within the sport of bodybuilding since 2012 when she competed at her first event. What was at first a bucket list item soon became a growing passion for heath and fitness as Cassie continued to learn more about nutrition and proper weight training. Over the years, Cassie has not only earned her way up the ranks by becoming a national bikini athlete, but she has helped many other women receive top placements within the sport by coaching stage posing and confidence classes. With professional cat walk training, performance experience, and strong values for female empowerment and self love, Cassie not only ensures that the women she coaches are prepared for stage, but that they feel confident and have fun while doing so.

Instagram - @cassiefarisfitness

Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/CassieFarisFitness/

Email cassiefarisfitness@gmail.com