Recruiter and Heavyweight Bodybuilder

My name is Richy Chan. Ive recently joined Team Genetx as both an ambassador and recruiter. My brother Graham and I have been competing since 2004 and share much the same philosophy towards the mindset of bettering ourselves mentally and physically. I am a co-owner of the Maxximus Supplements retail stores and have competed in the highest level amateur competitions in Canada as a heavyweight bodybuilder.

My role at Team Genetx is to connect you with Graham and the rest of our team and offer my expertise on competition training, supplementation, and training for that insane size gains. I also have extensive knowledge on how the biggest bodybuilders in the world eat and train, to be the biggest and best.

I am available for the following services:

Bodybuilding techniques
Fitness Modelling
Franchise Opportunities.

Feel free to follow my media for insight into the life of a champion heavyweight bodybuilder.

Instagram: @richychan