Benefits of Natural Bodybuilding

1.  There’s NO offcycle.  You build muscle and then more muscle on top of that.  At no point should you end up with less muscle than you started with.  That is unless you lack motivation.  But hey, motivation isn’t 1oo bucks a vial, it’s FREE. 2.  Your muscle is REAL.  It is not a collection of interstitial fluids or water or temporary bulk.  What you earn, you get to keep.  After 4 weeks of training, you won’t see yourself deflate.  This will allow you to maintain the most important thing: your self esteem.   3.  You work WITH your body’s systems.  You are not trying to hijack your body’s hormonal system to artificially modify your feedback loops. You can accept that they are already functioning as intended, naturally. Furthermore, as your muscle fibres increase, so do the ligaments and tendons as well as bones they are connected to.  Remember, everything is related.   3.  You put yourself outside “the rest” of mainstream bodybuilding.  It’s a liberating feeling to know that you don’t give a sh*t  how big or ripped guy across the gym is.  You train for YOU.  And value your body’s ability to make and create what you need to be great.   4.  You are probably 100 times healthier being drug free.  ‘Natural you’ is a well oiled machine.  ‘Anabolic you’ requires multiple other drugs to fix the damage you are doing and reverse the effects the steroids have done to your hormones. You don’t need a PCT for a proper diet.  End of story.   5.  No needles! This is my personal favorite.  Natural bodybuilding is non-invasive.  Your performance relies heavily on diet and training.  You are what you eat. And you are the product of your quality of training.   6.  You never have to worry about being the best.  I know what you’re thinking: you’re accepting defeat? Not exactly.  You are realizing that current definitions of what it means to be the best (freaky juiced up muscle, 22 inch arms, etc) are only someone’s narrow definition of success.  Why not determine your success by muscular symmetry?  Or perhaps speed and agility? Or how great you feel everyday?  Is your mind in tune with your body? Your training? Your life in general? Getting over the bigger is better philosophy is another liberating concept that you can adapt.  The only thing that stops you is the mental barriers you put up.   7.  There are plenty of avenues for natural bodybuilding and natural athleticism.  The Olympics are drug free, as well as many bodybuilding and powerlifting organisations.  Do some research and you’d be surprised at how many options you have.  Of course, always train hard.   For day to day updates follow me on Twitter: @Natural_GC

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