Connect With Your Food

This article has little to do with science.  In fact, science based nutrition is what got us into the bind we are in today.  We have GMOs or genetically modified foods, excessive preservatives, colourings, and far too many processed and refined ingredients in our diets.  Take a look at any packaged item in the supermarket, and you may wonder where the actual food is hiding.  It’s time we took a step back and actually experienced our food. While most of us just blindly stuff our faces with junk and go on with our day, many of us are beginning to question the foods we eat.  Why do we have no body or mind connection to the food we consume?  We are starting to wonder why we are riding a rollercoaster of high and low energy levels.  Why are we left feeling toxic and energy-depleted even after eating seemingly “healthy” meals?  The answers we as a society believe are hidden in the next diet that “studies have shown” help regulate or drop body weight.  We think that best way to eat can be done by using a strict guidline or a fad diet that contains the latest science. So, we run to Chapters or download the latest diet strategy of the day, all of which are constantly changing. The real solutions, however, may not be contained within any book, magazine or other media.  What I call “experiencing food” or how food makes you feel cannot be measured with empirical data.  There is no known way to show how your body connects with particular foods, and no way to measure the resulting positive energy flux throughout the body.  We have the glycemic index, (how easily and quickly carbohydrates digest) but that fails to take into account mood or vitality.   For example, consuming steamed sweet potatoes and other fresh root crops can produce particular sensations of consistent bodily energy.  Such feelings might be of groundedness, stability, sturdiness and liveliness -perhaps even a connection to the Earth and soil we rely on.  This nearly undescribable bodily response or lift in mood one gets from such foods can be a helpful indicator as to what your body prefers. Why argue with your body?  On the opposite end of the spectrum, a frozen pizza will have an entirely different impact on your energy balance.  That earthy feeling from freshly grown foods you will certainly not experience.  The processed white bread and low nutrient content will cause a tiny upward blip in mood, followed by the polar opposite: a severe lack of energy flowing through the body’s cells. You may even notice mild and temporary depression setting in as your body’s balance is disrupted.  From a spiritual perspective, the vibration of the cells in the body probably decrease their frequency when nutrient-poor food is consumed. Western society fails to emphasize your mind-body connection to food, or your individual and unique experience with it.  If we would just listen to our bodies and interpret what they are telling us, it could serve as a guide as to what we should be eating.  Unfortunately we have lost this understanding.  We no longer pay attention to the sensations and the signals that indicate if we are being nourished or not.  I believe we are all due for a change.  If we re-learned to experience food the way humans should, we would appreciate every nutrient and restore balance to our nutrition.

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