Heal Your Injuries with the Art of Allowing

Is an injury or a medical condition holding you back from training? Try the art of allowing! So you have defined what you believe you have as an "injury."   Let's say for example it is experienced as shoulder pain.  Your shoulder, or any part of your body, which is essentially only energy, is experiencing "dis-ease."  We would prefer to call it a "disconnect."  Your body is continually striving to return to a state of perfect health.  It is up to you to allow it to heal on a vibrational level so that all cells and all parts of the body are communicating energetically.Often one part of your body (all components are trying to return to your natural state which is health) is experiencing a slower than normal rate of healing. Remember that your body is in a constant state of degradation and repair as well as cellular rejuvenation.  This is a how the universe designed you!  You cannot go into the diseased area and launch a war.  Doing things that move energy, being active, eating nutritious foods, and more importantly maintaining thoughts that enhance total body cooperation will be the answer to most illness on the planet.  The body's disconnect can usually be corrected with: meditation, sports, yoga, weight training, reiki and other non-invasive healing practices.    Positive intentions can aid also in the flow of energy into neglected areas. Most injuries can be improved quite rapidly without masking or blocking the symptoms.  Remember that any symptoms you experience are essentially just signals, or messages.  A form of communication that the pilot (you in the control seat) needs to be informed of.   Don't shoot the messenger. Be aware that there is a lack of coordination between one or more parts of the body.  Don't judge it as negative, but allow it to express itself in whatever symptom needs to arise.  Use this message to make a change to your thought patterns.  Allowance, not interference, is therefor one of the best states to let the body continue it's healing process.  That doesn't mean you don't do anything.  You still need to change the cellular environment.  You have work to do on yourself, your nutrition, your hydration, your flexibility/mobility, and often your stress levels.  Creating conditions in which you allow healing rather than obstruction, will always be the correct approach.   Graham Chan Coach and Mentor

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