I Eat Organic, That Must Mean I’m Healthy.

I eat organic, that must mean I am healthy.   Not really. Sure, organic means less risk of pesticides, more information about where the food is grown, and sometimes a higher array of nutritional benefits.  I also prefer organic foods over their less-tasty non-organic counterparts.  But just because you are eating all organic, certainly doesn’t mean you are eating for weightloss. For example, certified organic maple syrup has just as many calories from sugar as does regular old maple syrup.

A tree may be organically grown and fertilized, but the sap is still sap.  Drizzling  it over organic pancakes doesn’t mean it cannot store as fat. Solution:  Your research is necessary. First, take a long hard objective look at the food you are buying.  How many carbohydrates per serving, and are you even eating a serving? How many of those carbohydrates come from sugar? Is there any protein? Is there a  high amount of fat in it? Then look to see if the ultra-clean foods you’ve chosen are available in an organic variety.   However, be careful not to eat more of that food just because it is organic.  An organically grown or all-natural label is not a license to binge.

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