Is Fruit Making You Fat?

Does your weightloss strategy include eating fruit 4 of 5 times a day?   Eating tons of fruit could be your biggest mistake. Don’t misinterpret, fruits are healthy: mangos, pineapples, grapes, apples, bananas and melons, just to name a few. They are host to a multitude of micronutrients and each type of fruit has unique health benefits. However, we sometimes forget they are a still a carbohydrate source, and a sugar-loaded one at that. How do you keep them under control? First record what you are eating, and start by counting the pieces of fruit you eat in a day. If it’s more than 1 or 2, you could be getting a great deal of unnecessary carbs and sugar in your diet.  Many people make the mistake of eating a couple servings of fruit as a meal.  This spikes blood sugar very quickly, and the lack of protein subsequently causes blood sugar to plummet.  These highs and lows cause not only fat storage, but can also lead to diabetes. After you realize how many carbs are in your fruit, limit yourself to 2 pieces of fruit per day and replace the rest with vegetables. Even try eating only 1 piece. This will encourage you to get more vegetables in your diet, which are also high in vitamins, minerals, antixoxidants, and fibre.   Vegetables are typically lower in sugar and carbohydrates and have a higher thermic effect than fruits. Steam them to get the most nutritional benefit.  A proper balanced meal should include a protein source (ie chicken, fish, meat) , a low glycemic carb source (sweet potato or brown rice) and a serving of vegetables.  So check your fruit consumption and watch the weight drop.

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